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Henna Brow Tinting

Henna Brow Tinting - a natural way to get the brow look you desire

I'm always on the quest to achieve beauty in healthy, natural ways.  Now brow tinting is in a healthier form with henna.  Hello Henna originates in the UK, and is all across Instagram with full, natural looking brows.  This henna comes in 5 colors, that can be mixed for just the right shade for you.

Your morning makeup routine just got shorter

The henna tint colors both brow hairs and the skin underneath.   As a result, it cuts down the need for eyebrow pencil and powder, since the brows look fuller and more defined.  It lasts about 4 weeks, fading first on the skin and lastly on the brow hairs.

Do I need Henna Brows if I've had Microblading?

Maybe.  Microblading requires regular, pricey touch ups by the artist who did them.  All the good artists have long wait lists, too.  So if you need a natural touch up between visits to the microblader, henna is a great option as it won't disturb your microblading, just fill in where you need it.  Just choose "Henna Brow Treatment" which will only be color not shaping.

Can Henna Brows help if I've lost some of my brow hair?

Yes!  So many have over-tweezed, over waxed and over-threaded, so the hair vital to creating a fuller look is lost.  I can fill it in with henna for a natural look.

If you've lost brow hair to thyroid conditions, aging or cancer treatments, Henna Brows can also be helpful.  If you're undergoing cancer treatments, we just need to wait a few months until after treatment is over.

What's Included in a Henna Brow Treatment?

The Henna Brow Treatment is a stand alone or add on service, which means you can come in for it separately or add it to treatments.

1.  Use your current brow shape.  This service can be used on your existing brow shape.  I'll simply provide a brow exfoliation to encourage growth, then apply the color of your choice.

2.  Henna Brow Treatments can be added to any brow shaping service I offer, whether that's a cleanup of your existing shape (Brow Touch Up) or you need a new shape (Brow Design).  I shape brows with tweezers and/or sugaring, a type of wax paste made from sugar, lemon and water.  

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  • Joanna
    I just read about the henna brow, so my questions were answered in your descripttion about the henna brows.

    I will talk to you about an appt when I see you next month.

    Lynne engelhardt
  • Hi Joanna
    Would the henna work on my brows?
    Since I have some gray hairs as well as sparce ends, is this a good choice?
    Maybe this is only good for darker hair.

    Lynne engelhardt

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