Korean Aqua Peeling gave me a new nose

I'm a skin care geek.

What do skin care geeks do for their birthdays?  Buy new skin care equipment.

So I've had my eye on the most popular facial treatment now in Korea, the land of skin care geeks, and decided that after much research that this would be my birthday gift this year.  Its a Korean Aqua Peeling Machine, which infuses hydrogen (a potent antioxidant into skin), peels and extracts nearly painlessly, infuses Vitamin C, and lifts and tones with galvanic current.

It's here!

I had my training on the 4th of July - another geek move since most people are enjoying the day off.  Obviously my trainer Vicki is a geek, too.  Anthony, my usual guinea pig, I mean model, jumped on the table.  He loved it so much that he has this treatment every week now, which has given me practice to be ready for you.

Like many of you, I have large pores on my nose; most people do.  I decided to give myself a Korean Aqua Peeling Facial and watched as my skin glowed and the pores shrunk from being emptied by the gentle spiral suction.  I love my "new nose".  It looks pore-less and feels smooth, but without the usual discomfort of extractions.

I also added Hydrogen Cleansing and Vitamin C infusion, and did a face lift with the galvanic mode.  Looking good!

I'm sorry for the late notice, but this new option is finally on the newly designed 2018 Facial menu as part of the Revitalize Facial.

Revitalize is an advanced facial that contains all of the functions - Hydrogen Cleansing, AHA Peel, Salicylic Peel, Vitamin C Infusion and Galvanic Lift.

You can also click to read more about Korean Aqua Peeling with Hydrogen and Galvanic.

So if you want a "new nose" too, then click below to book the Revitalize Facial.

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