ISOV Pink Energy HD Serum

ISOV Pink Energy HD Serum

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ISOV Pink Energy HD Serum is a potent skin rejuvenating solution designed for skin experiencing uneven texture, dryness and damaged barrier function.  Can also be used after skin exfoliation treatments including chemical peels, microderm and laser.

Its designed to hold moisture and nutrients in the skin, regenerate damaged cells while reducing inflammation.  

Formulated with phyto exosomes, copper tripeptide-1, trehalose, and ceramide NP, With regular use, this serum provides lasting hydration and soft, youthful-looking skin.


About the Ingredients:

  • Ceramide strengthens skin barrier and helps to retain moisture
  • Trehalose helps to retain moisture in the skin barrier
  • Phyto Exosome calms inflammation and irritation