Korean Aqua Peel with Hydrogen Infusion and Galvanic Lift

Korean Aqua Peeling in Brooklyn


Korea's most popular treatment right now, Aqua Peeling with Hydrogen Infusion and Galvanic Toning is here!

This treatment is so popular with Korean beauties because it;

1.  Infuses hydrogen molecules into skin after the machine makes distilled water into hydrogen water.  Hydrogen is growing in popularity in the US because it is a potent anti-oxidant that is smaller than CoQ10, smaller than Vitamin C.  Hydrogen neutralizes free radicals in the skin (free radicals cause skin aging).  It also has a calming and hydrating effect on the skin.

2.  Provides nearly painless extractions, greatly reducing the risk of scarring.  Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy solutions are loaded into the machine, providing an dual acid peel.  Extraction is through a "Smart Suction Spiral Peeling" technology, which gently removes blackheads and whiteheads without the pain and mess of manual extractions.

Korean Aqua Peel Extraction Technology

3.  Brightening is accomplished not only through hydration, hydrogen infusion and peeling, but with a Vitamin C infusion.  

4.  Galvanic current is a classic esthetics method of pulling, not pushing, nutrients into the skin.  Galvanic also lifts and tones skin tissues.

This treatment will show great results in one treatment, and a series will revitalize chronically congested skin, skin showing signs of aging, fade spots and even skin tone.

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