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Your journey to better skin starts here.

Welcome!  I'm excited to work with you.  Here's what to expect and how to begin.

The Experience:

The serene, private, women-only skin care studio tucked away in a restored historic Brooklyn brownstone will help you leave the outside world behind - soothing music, uplifting aromatherapy, exotic teas and infused waters.  

The Holistic Consultation:

Holistic refers to a whole person approach - many factors affect the state of your skin and brows.  We each have different needs, goals and preferences.  The consultation will help me to develop a customized service and long term plan just for you.

After the consultation, you'll snuggle into a cozy flannel sheets on a reclining plush facial bed.  I'll take a closer look at your skin and brows under magnification, and take a few pictures to document where we are starting so we can measure progress. 

I'll present a choice of service options that are appropriate for your needs and goals.  Whichever you choose will be customized with a selection of top shelf products and state of the art aesthetic machines.

It's your time

During your service, it's perfectly ok to talk or not to talk - whatever makes you comfortable.  Either way I will answer your questions, and briefly let you know what I'm doing so I can check in with your comfort level.  It's important to tell me if something doesn't feel right so I can change it for you right then and there.

You’ll be deeply relaxed and glowing after your facial - if desired I can apply a tinted moisturizer or tinted mineral powder.  If you've had a brow service, I'll apply brow makeup for a polished look you can emulate at home. 

I'll recap what service steps were taken, how to care for your skin at home, and schedule your next visits.  This education and planning will help you feel more confident in how you can care for your skin or brows between visits and how we will ultimately reach your goals.

Your personal plan and progress will be documented and evaluated at each visit, and tweaked as we navigate your skin’s dynamic nature and brow patterns of growth.

As you start to see relationships between your progress and lifestyle choices, health challenges, environment and emotional states, and follow the step by step plan, you’ll see the changes and feel empowered to create a lifetime of naturally beautiful skin and beautifully shaped brows. 

Which service to book:

Looking for a facial?  Book "Help Me Choose" so I can customize your facial.

Looking for brow service?  New clients must begin with "Brow Design".

Book your appointment:

Click below to get started.  The link will take you to the booking policies, New Client Form link, and explain how to prepare for your visit.  You'll receive a confirmation email immediately with a reminder to submit your completed New Client Form 48 hours before the visit.  See you soon!


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