RevitaPen - Micro-needling without the needles

Micro-needling alternative in Brooklyn NY - RevitaPen

Your facial will be instantly more effective with this technology from Osmosis Skin Care.  RevitaPen creates micro-channels in the skin to allow active ingredients to penetrate more deeply.

I've used this successfully on large pores, acne and acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, and signs of aging.

How it works

The RevitaPen is a tool that uses a disposable metal head that has tiny, non-piercing, sphere-shaped tips that push into the skin rapidly, creating micro-channels.  These micro-channels allow active ingredients to reach farther into the skin.

RevitaPen can be added to your facial or used as a stand alone treatment (usually starting with a series of 6).  Because RevitaPen pushes actives into the skin, its important to make sure you've had a good pore cleaning before a RevitaPen treatment.  This is why most people start with a full facial including RevitaPen, then progress to a series of stand alone treatments.

Once the pores have been cleaned and the skin sanitized, an active serum addressing your skin concerns is applied.  A fresh, disposable head is attached to the RevitaPen.  When turned on, the RevitaPen is adjusted in terms of depth and speed to your comfort level and skin's current level of health.

The pen is moved in small crosshatch patterns across the skin, placing emphasis on problem areas.  There is no pain and no downtime.  It may be used around the eye area and on the lips.

There may be some mild stinging or redness after the treatment, but a cooling treatment follows the RevitaPen treatment.  Finally, a moisturizer and sunscreen are applied to protect skin from dehydration and effects of UV rays.


I start a RevitaPen series with pictures of my clients so we can see progress.  Its always a happy surprise when my clients see their "after" pictures - clearer, smoother, more even toned skin.  Large pores shrink, acne scars lighten, and the skin looks firm and plump.

Revitapen facial appointment