Red Currant Protective Moisturizer SPF 40

Red Currant Protective Moisturizer SPF 40

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Broad Spectrum SPF 40 All Mineral Sunscreen that Protects Against the Early Signs of Aging


Zinc Oxide: natural mineral that blocks UV rays to protect skin from sun damage; anti-inflammatory

Youth Shield Antioxidant Complex (Red Currant, Elderflower, Magnolia Bark): protective complex high in antioxidants; prevents damage from free radicals, reduces and prevents the signs of aging

Red Currant: astringent; good source of Vitamin C, antioxidant with additional bioflavonoids; prevents the cellular damage caused by free radicals and reduces inflammation while promoting collagen production 

Elderflower: astringent; high polyphenol content (powerful antioxidant agents); scavenges free radicals and stops them from regenerating; reduces inflammation to protect the skin from the signs of aging

Magnolia Bark: contains two anti-inflammatory lignans – magnolol and honokiol (estrogen-like chemicals that also act as antioxidants), which together prevent inflammation to help slow down the aging process of the skin

Micro-encapsulated Tea Tree Oil: contains anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties to help control oil and dermatitis; micro-encapsulation provides sustained-release delivery of tea tree oil leaving the skin clear and calm all day

RESULTS: • Skin is protected against damaging effects of sun exposure and free radicals • Skin elasticity and vitality is improved • Sebum production is regulated leaving skin looking matt and blemish-free.

APPLICATION: Apply liberally and evenly on cleansed skin, 15 minutes before sun exposure. For adequate coverage and lightweight finish, apply gradually starting with a small amount of product, ensuring it is completely absorbed before adding more to build coverage. For additional hydration, layer the SPF on top of another moisturizer after it is fully absorbed into skin.

2 oz.