Soothing Chamomile Tonique - Eminence Organic Skincare

Soothing Chamomile Tonique - Eminence Organic Skincare

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Eminence Soothing Chamomile Tonique soothes and tones your skin with an organic blend of botanical extracts that calms, nourishes and protects its cells from damage with a moisturizing blend of vitamins and antioxidants. Use it as a stand alone treatment or as a rejuvenating complement after a facial peel. Suitable for all skin types.

Eminence Soothing Chamomile Tonique is a calming toner for all skin types and is used to deactivate peel products. An effective, balance-restoring toner, providing an infusion of soothing skin-loving herbs.


Key Ingredients

  • Chamomile: calming and soothing
  • Comfrey Root: antioxidant, emollient; source of vitamin E; soothes and lubricates skin
  • Aloe Vera: soothes, moisturizes and softens skin’s appearance
  • Sodium Bicarbonate: soothing, neutralizing
  • Licorice: comforting and calming
  • Lemon: vitamin and bioflavonoid-rich
  • Lavender: calming and revitalizing