Body brushing - the dry brushing method for better skin

Body brushing - the dry brushing method for better skin

Body brushing dry brush method
What is body brushing?

Body brushing is a method of stimulating circulation and exfoliating skin.  The dry brush method is quite popular because it's quick and easy to do right before your shower.  


Benefits of body brushing with a dry brush

Body brushing/ dry brushing method is used for;
  • Encouraging blood circulation
  • Stimulating lymphatic circulation
  • Exfoliating skin
Blood circulation and dry brushing
Circulation of blood brings fresh nutrients to areas and cleans out wastes.  Circulation can certainly do this by itself, but having it do it more efficiently is the benefit when using the body brush.


Lymph circulation and dry brushing

Lymphatic circulation clears stagnant wastes and and corrals bacteria in lymph nodes where they can be neutralized and eliminated.  The lymphatic system requires muscular contraction from body movement to pump lymph throughout the body. 

In times when we are not exercising as much or are otherwise sedentary, lymph has a harder time circulating.  Body brushing stimulates lymphatic circulation when done gently.


Exfoliation with dry brushing
Skin can self-exfoliate if given proper hydration levels.  If the skin is hydrated, the natural enzymes in skin can do its job and remove dead skin cells.  Sometimes there is a build up from bath soap, synthetic body lotions, etc., and hydration is impaired.  A body brush can help easily.


The right brush for dry brushing
I recommend this body brush for dry brushing.  It is medium firmness and has a detachable handle so you can easily do your back with the handle on and remove the handle when needed, like for arms. 

I choose vegan synthetic bristles because natural bristles are from animals.  It also makes it easier to clean properly.


How do I use a dry brush for body brushing?
In general, think of brushing from the outer parts of the body toward the heart. 

For example, moving the brush from the hand toward the heart along the arm.

Before a shower is a good time to dry brush your body.  Start gently; there is no reason to scrub like you're scrubbing a floor.  The lymphatic vessels sit right below the skin, so applying too much pressure will compress the vessels making circulation tougher, not easier. 

Brush each body area 8-10 times. Brush toward the heart/chest area - this is where the lymphatic fluids empty into lymph nodes. 
  • Legs and feet.  Brush the bottoms of the feet and up the legs to the tops of the inner thighs with long strokes.
  • Next are your arms.  Brush the palms of the hands and up the arm toward the armpit and heart.

  • Stomach and armpits.  Brush in a circular clockwise motion.

  • Breast area.  Brush under and on top to armpit. 

  • Rear.  Brush each side toward front/groin area.

  • Back.  Brush lower and upper back straight up to heart. 

  • Neck.  Brush gently down towards the heart.

Now shower and bring your brush into the shower to wash it, too.  Hang the clean brush in a well ventilated place to let it dry.

After your shower, leave some water on the skin and apply a natural body lotion or oil.  Your skin will be smoother, silky and more readily absorb the nutrients from a good body product (here are some to consider).

 If you have any questions about this, contact me at

Joanna Tringali

Integrative esthetician and massage therapist

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