Buccal Massage Training

Buccal Massage Training for Estheticians and Massage Therapists


Have you been wanting to learn Buccal Massage to provide beautiful lift to your clients' faces?  Confused and unsure about how to get consistently good results?  Missing out on the rewards both professionally and financially of offering Buccal Massage?  You've come to the right person!

I'm Joanna Tringali, and I teach estheticians, massage therapists and acupuncturists to confidently apply Buccal Massage to effectively lift and sculpt their clients faces with their hands and gua sha stone.

I'm a 34 year massage therapist, 16 year esthetician and 17 year massage instructor who's specialty is Buccal Massage.  My approach is client centered, and incorporates fascial release and lymphatic drainage.  

Next in person training dates for Buccal Massage:

June 10 and 11, 2024


July 15 and 16, 2024

This is a 2 day immersive, hands-on focused course to train you how to effectively perform Intra-oral Massage, commonly known as Buccal Massage, which has become an in-demand service because of the immediate and cumulative results it provides.

Clients are entranced by the service because they see major celebrities having for the beautiful face lifting and firming it provides.  Many clients also experience tension in their jaw and head, which intra-oral improves.

My client list includes people from all over the country, because they tell me that there isn't someone in their area who provides the service.  Or worse, provides buccal massage with no obvious results and causes them to actually look and feel worse.

You see, its not just a matter of putting you fingers in someone's mouth and swirling around like you might see in a video.  It requires a holistic analysis of the client, then designing a session or series for them, using the specific techniques that actually address the specific facial muscles and fascia.  Overriding the existing state of muscles and fascia is a sure fire way to get very little or no result, potentially cause pain or harm, and upsetting your client.  Nobody wants that, not you, not your client.

I'll teach you how to see your client's face in a different way, how to intelligently design a session and apply techniques that get the result while preserving your hands and producing rave results from your clients.  You'll be using your hands along with a gua sha stone I'll provide for you.

Class size is limited to 6 spots for the Buccal Massage Training.   I have trained Estheticians, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Cosmetologists, Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists.  Your clients want this work for both aesthetic and wellness applications, such as headaches, jaw tension/TMD, sinus discomfort, facial assymmetries and overall lifting and toning.

In person class are held in Brooklyn, NY, from 9am - 6pm.  Course includes lunch both days, gua sha stone, pdfs, and supplies needed for the classroom (gloves, lubricants, etc).

Online courses are available, next date is 9/23/24 (5 weeks).

You'll learn how to:

  • conduct a holistic consultation identifying the client goals, areas of concern, preferences, beliefs about the cause of their concern. Includes how to gain Informed Consent.
  • identify structures specific to Intra-oral work - bones/dentition, fascia, muscles, major lymph pathways, major nerves and blood vessels; endangerment sites and contraindications
  • discuss the role of emotions, aging and injections on facial aesthetics to educate the client about facial massage benefits
  • discuss the considerations of designing a session plan for the day, a series, and/or integrating into popular modalities
  • demonstrate client positioning and therapist ergonomics 
  • demonstrate therapist hygienic and safety practices (how to properly use gloves; discuss use of the mask for the therapist, etc)
  • discuss the qualities of leadership in the treatment room specific to Intra-oral work; professional communication; confidence, navigating client concerns/questions
  • demonstrate how to document progress with photos and notes
  • outline an initial plan to market the technique in their practice

We're limiting the class to 6 participants to maintain a great Instructor to Student Ratio, so register now to secure your spot.

Bonus!  Reserve now and receive a free coaching session one month after the class, so you can ask questions as you begin to apply the techniques (a $300 value)!

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 If you have questions, please email us at help@joannatringali.com