SculPLLA and CaviPLLA

 SculPLLA H2 is the Korean Beauty sensation that is used to quickly soften and plump up wrinkles, add volume to sunken areas, brighten skin and minimize pores.  It's that "celebrity secret" to smoother, younger looking skin.

SculPLLA H2 is both a professional facial protocol and easy to use home care products.

The main ingredient, Poly L Lactic Acid, is the non-injectable version of the popular injectable filler Sculptura, used by Dermatologists.  The good news is, if you're nervous about facial injections, SculPLLA is for you because it is applied topically, instantly filling lines.  No needles, no pain.

Also contains Lotus Plant Stem Cell for skin hydration and vitality, forming a protective barrier. When used on top of other skin care products, it will improve results.

Hydrolyzed Collagen relaxes tired and dull skin and aloe vera leaf extract hydrates the skin and makes your skin glow.

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