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Welcome to Calm Beauty.  I'm Joanna Tringali, a Brooklyn esthetician and facial massage therapist known for results-driven facials that blend non-invasive skin care technologies, expert natural face lift massage and nutritious, effective skin care products. 

Over my 30 year career, I've learned that many factors affect the state of your skin - stress, hormones, nutrition, illness, medications and supplements, environment, and more.   Have you experienced using the latest "magic" skin care fad and your skin problem came back after a few weeks or months?  If so, I can help.

Let's identify the root causes of your skin care concerns, develop a plan for in-studio visits and home care, measure the results over time, and adapt as needed.

Tucked away in restored historic Brooklyn brownstone, Calm Beauty provides a private, one client at a time sanctuary for women.  

Face Lifting Massages

Tension in the muscles and fascia of your face, neck, head and sluggish lymph and blood circulation is released to;

  • ease chronic tension which distorts features and causes pain and discomfort.  Many with TMJ, sinus pain and headaches find relief
  • easily sculpt, contour and lift facial features, ie., natural face lifting
  • correct distortions caused by overuse or poor application of injectables
  • create clarity with your voice - helpful for those who speak professionally or sing because the tissues become more pliable and relaxed.  
  • reduce puffiness, increase skin's clarity and glow through detoxification and oxygenation
  • engage your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and repair functions) for relief of stress and anxiety

Buccal Facial Massage

Buccal massage aka intra-oral or inner mouth massage, is a celebrity favorite because it releases facial muscle tension to give you noticeably sculpted cheekbones, fuller lips, and a smoother jawline.  Thin non-latex gloves are used while I identify and hold muscles to release tension carefully but firmly.

Classic facial version includes simple extractions and mask, 60 min., $315;  Choose the 75 minute version if you wish to have extra time and/or advanced skin care technology, 75 min., $390. 

Fascia Facial (as seen in Elle Magazine)

A combination of methods are chosen based on your needs - myofascial release, buccal massage, deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, unwinding, breathwork, micro-current and more.  60 minutes, $315; 75 minutes, $390.

Korean Corrective Facials

Korean Beauty is known for cutting edge technology in skincare ingredients and non-invasive equipment to provide solutions for dark spots, lack of firmness, redness, acne, large pores and wrinkles.  All include double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, extractions if desired plus a choice of;

Korean Spicule Collagen Remodeling

Spicules are tiny sub-surface exfoliators that are massaged into skin to rebuild and remodel collagen beneath the skin, diminishing dark spots, acne scars and wrinkles.  Progressive levels of intensity available.  60 minutes, includes Infusion; pricing ranges from $265 - $450.

Glass Skin Oxygen Facial

Clear, dewy, plump skin is achieved by clearing away impurities and flooding your skin with oxygen.  Skin is deeply nourished with an Oxygen Mist Vitamin Infusion, Negative Ion Oxygen Dome, Bubbling Mask or Jelly Mask.  Brightens, hydrates, diminishes pores, evens skin tone, heals acne and blemishes.  $255; $25 to add  dermaplaning.

Advanced Facials

Geneo Micro-Peel with Ultrasound Infusion

Oxygenating retinol peel for cleaner pores, smooth texture, & glowing skin. Choice of Balance (acne/oily skin), Illuminate (dark spots and dullness) or Revive (wrinkles and fine lines). Includes Ultra Sound infusion, choice of Extractions or Jelly Mask
 and Neck & shoulder massage.  
60 minutes, $265.  


Focus: brightening dull skin, diminishing dark patches and leaving skin dewy, firm and glowing.

Innovations from Korea and a holistic physician have provided me with methods that are safe for any skin including rosacea and high Fitzpatrick.  After exfoliating to remove dulling dead skin cells, nourishing ampoules are infused with painless skin care technology, feeding skin precious nutrients to help with pigment issues, capillaries, and signs of aging.  Choice of one: Extractions, Micro-current, Lifting Mask or Jelly mask.  60 min., $265

Skin Essentials

Energizing Face and Neck Lift

Toning and firming of face, neck and jawline with Micro-current or LED Light Therapy, polishing enzyme, plus a firming mask for defining cheekbones and jawline, tighten jowls, smooth forehead and neck wrinkles, reinvigorate muscles that support skin, targeting sagging.  Simple extractions optional.  60 min., $242.  


Focus: extractions for congested pores and acne-prone skin, plus post-extraction treatments to heal, calm and neutralize acne bacteria.

Gentle extractions made easier for you with herbal steam, hydro-dermabrasion and/or manual extractions,  Gua sha increases lymph flow to deeply decongest for a longer lasting result.  Calming and healing honey mask, and a choice of PhotoBiomodulation (Light) Therapy or Negative Ion Therapy (Oxygen Dome).  60 min., $242.  

Botanical Beauty Gua Sha Facial

Slow, mediative massage of face and neck with the warm gua sha stone brings a state of deep relaxation and detoxification by releasing stagnation of lymph flow.  Mild exfoliation with vegan enzymes, simple extractions if desired, healing botanical mask for hydration and calming.  Perfect for sensitive skin, compromised skin; pregnancy safe.  60 min., $242.  Optional: Eye Treatment, $20.

Help Me Choose 

Not sure which facial to pick?  Need a customized option?  Select this option and together we will decide a course of action during the consultation phase of the session.  60 minutes, starts at $242 depending on which facial and options you choose. 


These services are for women only.  For a full list of policies, click on Appointments and Policies