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Customized Facials in Brooklyn NY by Esthetician Joanna Tringali


Microdermabrasion facial in Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn esthetician Joanna Tringali's customized facials help you achieve beautiful skin without harsh chemicals or invasive procedures.  

Brow design and sugaring facial hair removal are also available.

Women only facial spa in Brooklyn NY.



Coming soon - Sculplla!

You asked for it - its almost here!  
Sculplla - anti-aging treatment using the same ingredients as a popular filler.  One treatment lasts up to a month, a series of 3 can last up to 5 months.  No needles!

New, by popular demand - Dermaplaning!

Dermaplaning - gentle but thorough exfoliation that even removes peach fuzz because it uses a blade.  Despite this, you'll probably fall asleep its so relaxing.  The ultimate in smooth skin.  Finally, an exfoliation that's safe for pregnant and nursing Moms.  Read more about dermaplaning...

 Calm Beauty Brooklyn's 3 Level Facial System

This system gives great flexibility in treating your skin, rather than forcing your skin to conform to general protocols like "acne facials" or "anti-aging facials".

The 3 Level system ensures you receive what your skin needs as your skin changes with continuing treatment, seasonal changes, hormonal fluctuations, and changes in health, medications, diet and other lifestyle factors.

What's Included?  
Comprehensive evaluation, ample time to discuss your concerns, botanical ingredients, skillful massage, deep relaxation, plus a facial that includes varying levels of exfoliation, extraction and treatment.


 Immaculate - Level 1 Facial

- For mild pore clogging, few blemishes, and/or delicate, sensitive skin.
- Includes mild exfoliation, basic extractions, mask, hydration and protection.
- 60 minutes, $125


 Radiant Results - Level 2 Facial

- For acne or aging concerns.  Best place to start for skin that hasn't had care in awhile.
- Includes Level 1 facial, more extensive extractions If needed, plus 
- Advanced Exfoliation (Microderm, UltraSonic or Peel) plus
- one (1) Advanced Beauty Technology  
- 60 - 70 minutes, $150 

High Performance - Level 3 Facial 

- For multiple, stubborn or complex issues.  Great for anti-aging concerns including wrinkles, sagging, large pores, dull/dry complexion, rough texture, puffy eyes, dark circles.
- Includes Level 1, more extensive extractions if needed plus
- Advanced Exfoliation (Microderm, UltraSonic or Peel) plus
- two (2) Advanced Beauty Technologies, plus
- eye treatment
- 90 minutes, $175


 Advanced Exfoliation and Beauty Technologies

Available as; 
- part of the Level 2 and 3 Facials
- stand alone 30 minute treatments without extractions ($150)
- add-ons ($50 each)
- part of the Corrective Series (pricing based on quantity and frequency)
    Advanced Exfoliation 
    - Microdermabrasion
    - Peels (chemical and non-acid)
    - UltraSonic
    Advanced Beauty Technologies 
    - Light Therapy (LED, Microphoto-therapy)
    - Oxygen Treatment
    - RevitaPen


    holistic facial Brooklyn NY

     Other Popular Treatments and Add-ins

    Purifying Back Facial
    This specially designed facial for your back (including back of arms) includes exfoliation, steam, extractions, organic peel, massage, corrective masque, toner, moisturizer and sun protection.  45 minutes, $115

    Gua Sha Facial Massage
    Gua sha is a technique using a specially carved, smooth jade stone to massage, which can be used warm or cold depending on your needs

    - anti-aging (tones muscles, drains puffy eyes, stimulates circulation)

    -pain (relieves sinus/headache/TMJ pain)

    Includes cleanse, mask and protective hydration.  Enjoy one, or for best results schedule regularly (series pricing available).  30 minutes, $110.

    Hibiscus Peptide Ultra Lift Eye Treatment
    Exfoliation; treatment for dark circles, puffiness, crow's feet; hydration and peptide complex to firm and tone tissues.  Add-in, $30.
    Neck Firming Treatment
    Firming and toning for the difficult to treat neck area, features hibiscus peptides, paprika and jade stone gua sha massage.  Add-in, $35

    Decollete Treatment
    Extension of the facial you choose for the delicate neck and decollete areas.  Add-in, $40.
    Intensive Hand Renewal Treatment
    An organic sugar exfoliation, microderm or peel, nourishing masque, treatment serum, massage and hydration treatment.  Add-in, $25.

    Luscious Lips 
    Exfoliation, hydrating masque, plumping serum, spf protection and sheer tinted gloss application.  Add-in, $15
        Brow design Brooklyn NY - Model Brow Certified
    Brows - Model Brow Certified

    Model Brow Certified means I'm trained to correct brows.  I'll expertly shape and develop a plan of action to get the brows you want.  Over-tweezed, mis-shapen, uneven - no problem.  Includes consultation about your brow wishes, tweezing and/or sugar waxing, calming treatment, trim and finishing with brow gel or pencil or powder. 

    - Brow Design  Add-on, $35; stand alone, $45; 30 minutes.

    - Brow Touch Up Add-on, $20; stand alone, $30; 15 minutes.

    Sugaring Facial Hair Removal
    Sugaring is a natural sugar paste for gently removing facial hair.   Choose from Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Nose, Jawline, Forehead or Side Burns.  Brows, see above.
    - Any one area added to facial, $15 each area; without facial, $20 each
    - Full Face Sugaring (multiple areas, no brows), $60.

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