How to get the most out of your facial mask

How to get the most out of your facial mask

Facial Mask
A facial mask is a skin treatment that should be part of your regular skin care routine.  The purpose of a mask is to expose skin to skin care ingredients that address your concerns in a more concentrated way.
The two most important things to remember when using your facial mask are;
1.  use them at 2-3 times per week
2. keep them moist while on your skin

Most masks stop working when they dry out. ⁠

You have some choices when trying to keep your masks moist.⁠
- massage it into your skin and add a bit of water as needed⁠
- lie down with a warm moist towel over your mask⁠
- spritz with a mineral water⁠
- wear the mask in the shower⁠

What is the method you would like to use? How many times a week do you use your mask?  Let me know below.
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