LED Light Facial - Non-invasive Anti-aging Therapy

As a holistic esthetician, I focus on facial therapies that build up the skin's strength and immunity.  While a big part of what I use involves organic plants, science can provide us with some non-invasive technologies that increase energy and healing in your skin.

LED Light Therapy is one of the technologies that I've relied on for years for its cumulative benefits;

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Decreases the appearance of large pores
  • Produces brighter, more luminous complexion
  • Smoothes skin texture
  • Reduces inflammation

These are accomplished by varying wavelengths of non-UV light which express visibly as color.  Cells in your skin called chromophores absorb the healing light and use it as cellular energy.

Below, you'll see the wavelengths described by a number and "nm" which stands for nanometers.

Red 630nm to 660nm

FDA trials confirmed LED Light use for wrinkle reduction; it builds collagen.  Red light also reduces inflammation, which can eat away at collagen and elastin fibers, and make skin more prone to barrier dysfunctions like eczema, dryness, redness.  Clients with rosacea also see decreased redness and inflammation with regular use of red light.

Amber 605nm

Amber LED Light is helpful for building new collagen and elastin structures.  As we age, this process slows down, so its nice to have something that can help increase the energy levels in our skin to give us needed collagen and elastin promotion.

Infrared 855nm

Infrared is not visible light, but it's very powerful in its ability to enhance product absorption.  In combination with red light, infrared can penetrate product up to 1" deep into skin.  There's nothing else available that can provide this result.  Infrared is also helpful for reducing inflammation, and promotes circulation, bringing nutrients to parts of the skin and cleaning out wastes.

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Stress

Relaxation is a part of every facial I provide.  The skin functions more efficiently when stress is reduced.  Stress shows on your skin instantly and has long term negative effects.  One stressor that shows up in winter is Seasonal Affective Disorder.  LED Light Therapy provides light to cells that crave the light, easing the symptoms.  

LED Light in your Winter Facial

LED is good for skin all year, but in winter skin has challenges with thinning, inflammation, redness, eczema, etc.  This means its usually not wise to do intense exfoliation to break down skin; rather, in winter it's time to build up skin strength and flexibility (collagen and elastin).  LED Light increases energy to be stored for cellular use and to heal damage accumulated during other seasons. 

LED Light can be used in facials or stand alone treatment series.  A series of 6 is recommended, with maintenance afterward.  



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