LED or retinoids: which is the better anti-aging strategy?

LED or retinoids: which is the better anti-aging strategy?

My choice is hands down: LED Light.  Here's why;

For years retinoids have been recommended, but in clinical practice, I see thinning of skin with retinoids that impairs the skin's barrier, causing more issues with hyper-pigmentation, eczema, inability to hold moisture and acne.

This is because retinoids exfoliate.  It has always been thought that if we exfoliate regularly, it will cause inflammation that will help the skin grow thicker.  Does that sound crazy to you?  Good, because you already know from your first visit that one of my top goals for most of you is to curb inflammation.

Inflammation is caused by retinoids because most only sit on the skin's surface - they do not penetrate deeply enough to cause the dermis to grow thicker.  Retinoids exfoliating the surface on a daily basis actually thin the skin.

The studies you may read about retinoids are done mostly in-vitro, meaning the retinoid is applied to dermal cells in a petri dish.  This does not adequately replicate what is really happening on a live human being with layers of skin.  Applying something to the epidermis will not necessarily mean it will travel to or affect the dermis, the layer below the epidermis.

LED Light reduces inflammation, and provides energy to cells so they can reproduce collagen effectively.

In studies of LightStim LED for Wrinkles, 100% of the participants saw improvement in their wrinkles. leading the FDA to approve its use to treat wrinkles on the entire face - forehead, crow’s feet, cheeks, nasal labial folds, jawline, and even your lips.

My own results are demonstrated above.  I didn't plan this, but had started using LED for pain in my right hand and wrist a few years ago.  I used the handheld Light Stim model for wrinkles on my right hand because red and infrared light is helpful for pain and inflammation.  I applied it 5 nights per week for a few weeks.  Not only was the pain relieved without medication, but my right hand's skin was thicker, hiding the veins underneath.  The above picture was taken today, showing the results have lasted all these years.  My right hand is younger than my left.  I left it that way just to show clients who ask me about LED since its such a vivid example.  Poor left hand got gypped. 

So can retinoids be useful?

Yes, but with some slight alterations.  I use retinaldehyde wrapped in a lipid (fat) molecule branded as Osmosis Renew and Osmosis Correct.  I also use this on balanced skin since it still does exfoliate.  See me if you want to go to this next level and I'll let you know if you're ready and which is for you.

Also note that all retinoids must be covered with spf 30+ during daylight hours and when using electronic devices.

Contact me at help@calmbeautybrooklyn.com if you need help in evaluating which is right for you.  Also available in your facials and as home care devices.


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