Skin brightening ingredients in your PSL?

Skin brightening ingredients in your PSL?

pumpkin facial
In skincare, Fall is the time when we want our skin brighter and better hydrated.  We've just come out of summer when the skin has more sun exposure, and little (or not so little) spots appear.  Look to a favorite Fall treat - the "PSL" - for inspiration and beautiful skin.


Pumpkin used in your facial can be helpful for brightening your skin.  Pumpkin has 103 specific types of skin-benefitting nutrients.  I'll highlight a few here to give you an idea of why pumpkin is considered a superfruit for your skin.
  • Copper - transports oxygen to skin for a brighter, healthier look and better functioning.
  • Abscisic acid - slows cellular aging
  • L-Adenine - repairs UV damage
  • Arginine - prevents free radicals and suppresses glucose's effects of protein, in other words, inhibits collagen breakdown.
  • Curcubic acid - has a natural anti-biotic effect, making it helpful for some forms of acne.
  • Glutamaic acid - boosts hydration
  • Quercitin - protects capillaries and reduces visible capillaries
  • Trigonelline - a B vitamin offshoot that supports delicate tissues around the eyes, lips and nose
  • Tryptophan - an essential amino acid that suppresses the process of hyper-pigmentation and hyper keratosis (scaliness).
  • Xanthophyll - strong antioxidant that protects skin from environmental damage.
I only gave you 10 to demonstrate the power of pumpkin on your skin; imagine what all 103 nutrients do for you.


Every fall I bring the pumpkin into my arsenal of skin potions, along with spice (for detoxing skin and cleaning pores) and a little bit of latte (lactic acid which adds hydration while gently exfoliating).  At the bottom of this email are some you can also use at home. 

Whether you come in for a professional facial or choose the DIY at home, consider adding PSL-type ingredients for a brighter, more hydrated, healthier glow.


Try these for your PSL treat:

Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel - exfoliate gently while brightening and hydrating.

Pumpkin Latte Hydration Masque - fun way to hydrate, help rejuvenate skin.

Eight Greens Hot Masque - add a little spice to your skin care with Hungarian paprika in this herbal base that helps hormonal conditions like acne and sagging.

Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant - Add a little "milk" to your PSL routine.  Lactic acid, a milk derivative, adds hydration while exfoliating skin.  Fine powder scrub can be used alone or mixed with any of the masks above for a more intense exfoliation.


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