The only winter skin care tip you need

winter skin care tip by celebrity facialist
Winter is tough on skin.

Frigid dry air outside, dry heated air inside, both do a number on your skin's hydration level.

There are many skin care tips that will help, but there is one in my experience that gives you the quickest result.

You already use this technique in preparing to go outside.  You layer your clothing to keep warm.

You can layer skin care products to add moisture and protect your skin from moisture loss this winter.  Or anytime you're feeling too dry.

How to layer skin care products

Step 1:  Start with freshly cleansed skin.  Do not remove all the water from the skin.  There should be a layer of moistness coating your skin.  If skin is too wet, it won't work.  If its too dry it's pointless.

Step 2: Apply a non-alcohol toner.  Spraying toner is ok, but spraying into your hands and massing into skin is much better, because you can make it even and thorough.  Here's a good hydrating toner

Step 3: If you're usually dry all year, apply an essence over the toner while it is still moist.  An essence is a more viscous liquid, with a higher concentration of nutrients.  Here's the essence I love .  You can pat it on like they do in Korean beauty protocols, but I prefer to massage it in. 

Step 4:  Use a serum.  This is where you add nutrients to address your particular skin care concerns.  Choose one that is appropriate for your needs, whether it's acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation or signs of aging.

Step 5:  Apply a moisturizer.  This may be your night time moisturizer as long as it does not have acids or retinoids.  If you choose your regular moisturizer, then you'll need an spf over it. The spf can be in some moisturizers, or makeup, or a convenient-to-take-with-you mineral powder.

Step 6:  If you did not use 2 moisturizers in the last step, or your skin is super dry, then add an oil. The oil should go under the spf or applied over your last layer.  Just a small drop, mixed with some water or non-alcohol toner, and massage into your skin.

Are there a few more steps than you're used to?  Maybe, but totally worth it when you consider your skin can now maintain its suppleness from hydration. 

Bonus:  skin conditions like acne, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation heal best when your skin is properly hydrated for extended periods of time.

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