When hand cleansing is a problem

When hand cleansing is a problem

When hand cleansing is a problem - eczema, dermatitis

We all know about hand washing at this point.⁠. It's been a big focus as we fight COVID19.

But many are using hand sanitizer a lot. ⁠

Sanitizer is over 60% alcohol. Not great for your skin.⁠

Alcohol might kill germs but it will also kill the good bacteria on the skin, allowing for problems with dermatitis, eczema. ⁠

Best bet is to use non-latex gloves when possible, unless your area is in need of gloves, so leave them to the pros. My local nurses have told me they didn't need my extra gloves, they were ok.⁠

Also, note that the CDC says to use sanitizer only when you don't have access to soap and water. Keep a bottle in your purse, or better yet, just wash when you arrive home if you've been out for groceries or some exercise.⁠

Use hand lotion before bed, but avoid the ones with glycolic acids or lots of alcohol in the ingredient list.⁠

I have hand lotions in stock at my online store and I'm still shipping and have pickup.⁠

How are your hands doing with all the extra washing and sanitizer?⁠

Contact me if you have questions about your hand care.

Be well,

joanna tringali

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