Why facial oils are essential to your skin care routine

Why facial oils are essential to your skin care routine

Nope - I can't do skin care without facial oils.  For myself, for my clients - they are a necessity.  There are just too many benefits for all skin types.

Facial oils are protective

In their natural form, facial oils do not contain thickeners like moisturizers.  They are viscous, although they can be of varying weights, so any skin can have the benefits of a facial oil.

This viscosity gives facial oils the ability to hold in skin's natural moisture. 

If our skin is dry or dehydrated, we can add in moisture first by using water, a toner or essence, then serum, before applying the facial oil.  The oil does not give moisture - it holds in the moisture, usually over a longer period of time than a moisturizer.  

If we have a condition like acne or rosacea, we can add a toner or serum with helpful nutrients before applying the facial oil.  This method of sealing in nutrients prevents dissipation, so your skin gets the maximum benefit over a longer period of time.

Facial oils are nutrient dense

Good quality facial oils are nourishing because they are farmed organically, cold pressed in production to have their natural nutrients intact.  Cold pressing and organic farming add cost over conventionally farmed and mass produced oils.  But the nutrient value you get is superior.

Using facial oils for facial massage

I use organic oils for facial Gua Sha and the Buccal Facial Sculpting.  This allows the gua sha stone or my hands to glide easily over skin, giving me more time to iron our stubborn holding patterns, sculpt and tone the facial muscles, without irritation.  

How to use facial oil in your skin care routine

In general, facial oil should not be used alone.  It is best to either;

1.  use facial oil over damp skin.  This can be while skin is still damp from cleansing.  A better method would be to apply the facial oil over a nutritious and/or hydrating toner or essence, and serum.  This gives your skin the added benefits of beneficial skin nutrients held in the skin longer.   The nutrients are targeted to what your skin needs based on the condition your skin is experiencing - acne, rosacea, dark spots, etc.

2.  use a drop or two of facial oil in the moisturizer you dispense to use.  I would not drop it into the moisturizer jar; this way you are free to add more or less as your skin condition and climate or environment changes.  Just add the oil to the moisturizer amount you plan to use, emulsify it, and massage into your skin evenly.


Need help choosing an oil?  Contact Joanna at help@calmbeautybrooklyn.com or 917-596-9535, and leave your name and phone number.  I'll need to ask you some questions about your skin condition and what you'd like to use the oil for (skin care or massage).  I have a beautiful selection of facial oils in our store and I'll help you find something for your needs.  Shipping for most oils is free for US orders.

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