5 Tips for Back Acne

5 Tips for Back Acne

Updated 6/15/22:

Back acne

At this time of year, acne on your back can make you self-conscious about wearing summer fashions.

Acne is the same whether it appears on your face or back. However, back acne is difficult to eliminate and prevent as its location presents some challenges. 

One reason back acne is more difficult to treat and prevent than facial acne because the pores on the back are larger and become clogged more easily. Summer weather and exercise make this condition worse because as the body heats, oil production is increased, trapping dead skin cells that are generally not exfoliated as part of your grooming routine.  As a result, bacteria forms, and pimples soon follow.

Here are some simple things to do at home for your back acne.

Proper Care For Back Skin
Shower daily and right after exercise or any activity that generates perspiration.
However, don't clean your skin more than twice a day, never scrub hard, and don't use very hot water or harsh antibacterial soaps. Use warm water and a gentle body wash or cleanser that will not clog pores, preferably one with acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid.  Twice per week, exfoliate gently to remove pore-clogging dead skin cells using a soft cloth and a mild scrub.  Many of my clients do well with daily, gentle brushing, but the brush much be cleaned and dried after each use.

Clean Cloths and Sheets
Always change into clean underwear and clothes before and after exercising.  Put a clean towel on exercise machines and mats at the gym.  Avoid synthetic fabrics; choose lightweight, loose-fitting clothes that allow the skin to breathe and perspiration to evaporate.  Change bed linens twice a week to keep sloughed-off skin cells and oil away from your back.

Care While In The Sun
The sun will not clear acne - it just bakes in the oil, dead skin and debris from perspiration, making it more vulnerable to pimples. 

Use a facial sunscreen on your back that is formulated to prevent clogged pores instead of a body sunscreen.  Body sunscreens are generally not formulated in that way.

Wet Hair and Hair Products
Conditioners and hairstyling products left on the hair are a frequent cause of blemishes on the back. After shampooing and conditioning in the shower, pull long hair forward and wash your back last to keep the residue of hair products off your back. Don't leave wet hair on your back after swimming, and don't use a towel that has been used on your hair on your body.

Dietary Considerations
A healthy, well-balanced diet is as good for your skin as it is for your overall well-being.  Avoid processed foods and fill your plate with all the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables available at this time of year.

If your back isn't clearing with these suggestions, I can help with an online consultations to sort through the contributing factors and a make a home skin care plan for you.  

Happy Summer!
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