Online Skincare Consultations with Joanna Tringali

If you are not near Calm Beauty Brooklyn or are otherwise unable to come in - we can still work together on your skin care concerns!

Questions a Holistic Virtual Consultation can address -

  • Why do wrinkles, large pores, capillaries, discoloration or pimples show up only certain areas of your face?  
  • Are sagging and wrinkles inevitable?  What can you do at home to avoid or delay invasive procedures?
  • Is hormonal acne every period inevitable for the rest of your reproductive life?
  • Are there other things you can do without skin care products?
  • Which wellness habits and skin care products can help (and why) and why others are not making a difference (or making your skin worse)?


Let's find holistic solutions to your skin care issues!

Virtual Holistic Skin Care Consultation

Your Virtual Skincare Consultation with Joanna Tringali, an esthetician and massage therapist with 25+ years of experience, includes a professional, holistic analysis of skin care problems as relating to health, medication use, diet, personal habits, and your current skin care regimen. After the Consultation, you'll receive a written plan to follow, plus a discount code to use if you wish to purchase any items from our Store*.

How it works:  You'll send pictures and a completed 4 page Intake Form, and we'll meet by online or by phone.  We'll discuss reasons for your skin problems and craft a well rounded plan just for your needs.  

Virtual Skin Care Consultations, 30 - 40 minutes, $100.  Click this link to begin the process and see Terms and Conditions.  






*we only ship to US and Canada.