Online Skincare Consultations with Joanna Tringali

If you are not living close to Calm Beauty Brooklyn or are otherwise unable to come in - we can still work together on your skin care concerns!


30 Minute Online Skin Care Consultation

A phone, email or FaceTime skin care consultation plus discount code for your Calm Beauty Brooklyn product purchase to get you going with your skin care goals. When you book this appointment, you'll receive an online invoice to prepay the appointment and a New Client Form so please check your email.

We'll use this time to evaluate your skin, find holistic solutions to their skin care issues, or have the mentoring and support of a seasoned professional.  

Holistic refers to a whole person approach - many factors affect the state of your skin.  We each have different needs, goals and preferences.  The consultation will help me to develop a customized plan just for you, while helping you understand why your skin is behaving in ways you might not like and what to do about it.

If your skin needs additional help, I'll recommend a Virtual Facial.  More than just a simple facial, this is a specialized treatment done under my supervision.  Typically requires a few sessions.  Prices vary on the type of treatment recommended.

Start by completing this intake form which will also give you booking instructions.