Acne and Scarring - New Treatment at Calm Beauty Brooklyn

Acne and Scarring - New Treatment at Calm Beauty Brooklyn

Advanced Acne Treatment calm beauty brooklyn nyc

New!  Advanced Acne Treatment has arrived at Calm Beauty Brooklyn

Acne - teenage or adult?  Either way, its uncomfortable, embarrassing and frustrating.  I have years of experience treating and coaching clients through acne and its residual scarring, but now I have a new tool to add to the customized mix that addresses your particular type of acne.

The Advanced Acne Collection from Eminence Organic Skincare provides me with a professional strength peel to control oil production, soften pore impactions and calm inflammation that causes scarring.  The Collection also includes a comprehensive home care kit to maximize the effect of your professional treatment.  

Your acne has individual characteristics including -

  • where acne appears on your face - cheeks? chin? forehead? back? The place it appears gives us insight into what's going on in your body and how we can manage it.
  • when your acne shows up - stressful times, period, change of weather
  • how your acne manifests - blackheads known as open comedones, whiteheads known as closed comedones, cysts, congested pores, excessive oiliness.
  • whether your acne leaves a mark or scar - this is dependent on your skin tone, exposure to sun, toxins and pollution

These differences require individualized approaches, and your acne treatments will be customized based on the information from our holistic, comprehensive consultation. 

Book the Advanced Acne Custom Treatment and we'll begin your path to clearer skin now.  You can read more about it on the Facial Page.

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