Are pumpkin facials good for acne and anti-aging?

Are pumpkin facials good for acne and anti-aging?

Pumpkin and facials go together beautifully!  Pumpkin is an ingredient used in holistic skin care that naturally helps your skin.  

Pumpkin is loaded with Vitamins A, C and E, which skin needs this time of year after the summer sun gets through with your skin.  Isn't nature perfect?  She gives us what we need at the right time. 

Collagen Production

Sun damages skin's collagen.  UV exposure weakens the collagen fibers, making skin wrinkled and sagging. 

We can stimulate collagen by sinking the pumpkin deeply into the skin with tools like galvanic or micro-channelling.  These procedures help move the pumpkin past the surface layers and into deeper layers closer to where collagen is generated.


Sun exposure can make the skin surface dull.  Summer tans are fading into a blotchy uneven look that only hints of the damage beneath.  

The vitamin A in pumpkin diffuses melanin which makes brown spots look lighter.  It will also resurface the skin removing top level spotting, and encourage collagen production so that the brown spots at the deepest levels (not on the surface of the skin but in the dermis) will be less visible as the skin thickens.

In the treatment room, I'll mix pumpkin with alpha hydroxy acids for a deeper exfoliation.  Glycolic and lactic are the most common for helping with signs of aging, acne and hydration.  For sensitive skins, an enzyme might be a better choice since it doesn't go as deep and isn't as stimulating.  If more stimulation is needed, I'll add a dose of paprika (yes!) will provide great circulation and detoxify skin for an amazing glow.

After any resurfacing, the skin benefits from deep hydration, even if you have acne.  A mask can be used but infusing it with galvanic or micro-current drives hydration deeper and also provides a toning effect.  I'll custom blend a mask so that we can address multiple issues during this healing phase of the facial.

Acne, Pores and Scars

Pumpkin can help acne by softening clogged pores.  When softened, matter can be extracted more easily, making the pore look smaller because its not so stuffed.

The vitamin A in pumpkin is helpful for healing acne, so its a great choice for blackheads, whiteheads and papules.  It also provides antioxidants to create a stronger resistance to acne bacteria in the pores.

In professional treatment, pumpkin is often added to peels and masks for acne.  Not everyone can have a pumpkin peel with acids, so enzymes can be used if your skin is also sensitive or your acne is cystic.  

Pumpkin also fades acne scars by resurfacing the skin, and reducing oxidative stress by providing a good dose of anti-oxidants.

Your pumpkin facial 

A pumpkin facial is great for many conditions, and I can customize it for your specific needs.  Fall is a great time to have a pumpkin facial, so schedule here.  

I look forward to seeing you this Fall!

joanna tringali, holistic esthetician

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