Should I get a facial before my wedding?

Should I get a facial before my wedding?

Big events like weddings (and bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, retirement parties, communions, bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, etc)  are rites of passage; we mark this special day and remember it always.  Often, pictures are often involved to capture these moments and keep those memories alive for years to come.

You want your skin to look its best!  But you may be unsure if you should get a facial before your wedding or event.  Here’s a few simple things to consider in deciding how to proceed.

If you have skin problems and you’re reading this long before the wedding or event:

Acne, deep wrinkles, chronically dry skin, overly oily skin...

Whatever the issue, begin as early as possible.  No facial or skin care product or dermatalogical procedure or drug can work overnight to fix chronic issues. 

Each of these needs time to stabilize your skin.  I recommend 6 months, which will give your skin not only time to stabilize but really glow - consistently.


If you didn’t read this article in time 

I get it; you get busy in preparation for the big day!  Every year I have brides who ran out of time and show up a week before their wedding.  It’s fine, there are still wonderful facial treatments that can be done to help you look your best.


OK, let’s get out of the way what should be avoided:

  • In general, if professional facial extractions have not been part of your monthly skin care regimen, and you have regular outbreaks, or break out with more than one or two pimples after every facial, then extractions should not be done at least 14 days before your wedding.
  • If you’ve had professional facial extractions before, avoid extractions in the week before your wedding or event.  Even if you do not usually have post-facial breakouts, the higher stress during this week can cause post facial redness or breakouts.
  • Medium to deep chemical peels and lasers will need to be finished 2 weeks before an event.  You don’t want your skin to be red or peeling.


Here are facials that can be done close to your wedding or event.  

All of these can be had as stand alone facials or add-ons to your customized facial.

Oxygen Facial

A favorite pre-event facial for everyone including celebrities Victoria Beckham and Emma Stone.  

Oxygen facials are adored because of their ability to provide a plump, dewy, smooth texture to make your makeup glide on effortlessly.  

Oxygenating the skin inhibits acne bacteria which can help with those pre-event stress breakouts, calms redness and re-hydrates parched skin.

Oxygen can be used in a facial in several ways.  

Oxygen Facial Mist - a fine mist of oxygen and custom serum is misted lightly over your skin with the facial oxygen machine; helps infuse nutrients and hydration into your skin.

Oxygen Dome - a Korean Beauty hit, the Oxygen Dome provides the effects of “deep forest bathing”.  The Oxygen Dome produces anions which surround your skin and you breathe in for 15 minutes.  Anions stabilize free radicals, rebalance pH, and regenerate damaged skin cells while stimulating collagen production.  Added bonus - you’ll feel incredibly relaxed and reinvigorated.

Oxygen mask - tiny bubbles in the facial mask deposit oxygen and nutrients into your skin.  Instantly brightens and softens, and makes a great pre-extraction mask for sensitive clients.

Microcurrent Facial

The classic non-invasive face lift protocol favored by Kim Kardashian and Madonna, using tiny electrical currents to tone muscles, smooth out wrinkles, disperse facial puffiness and decongest pores.  Sounds a little weird, but most clients fall asleep during facial microcurrent since it is a level of current that is healing rather than jolting.

LED Facial

The LED Facial is loved by Bella Hadid and Chrissy Teigen for its instant skin tightening and pore shrinking. 

The LED facial uses non-laser light to stimulate collagen production, enhance circulation, and provide detoxification, or moving of cellular wastes.  

LED can also calm inflammation, like that pesky pimple that pops up at just the wrong time. 

Gua Sha Facial

The popular gua sha facial is based on ancient practices but has experienced a renewed interest as celebrities like Emilia Clarke and Zendaya have gua sha facials.  

Gua sha facials are based on a centuries-old Traditional East Asian Medicine practice of “scraping”, which was primarily used for the body.  

Today, Facial gua sha is a type of facial massage done with a smooth, polished stone, usually made of jadeite or bian.  

Using varying strokes and graduated pressure levels, it drains puffiness, including the delicate eye area, lifts sagging contours, brightens skin, and detoxifies for a glorious glow, all without the slightest bit or irritation.



You can have beautiful skin on your wedding day (or for any big event).  For problem skin, start early.  If you've run out of time, no worries, I can help.

Just schedule the “Help Me Choose” option if you’re not sure which type of facial to have.  Most facials at Calm Beauty are customized and can include any or all of these modalities.  I look forward to helping you look great for your big day!

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