What is a Radiofrequency Facial?

Radiofrequency Facial Benefits | Skin Tightening

What is a Radiofrequency Facial?

Do you use contouring makeup?  Radiofrequency facials give you the contour without the makeup.

Radio-frequency is a non-invasive, safe method of skin tightening that works by stimulating collagen production.  Jennifer Aniston has this facial to keep her skin looking lifted because it firms her contours, tightens her skin and smooths out fine lines. 

Radio-frequency is a great choice for a pre-event facial (think weddings, special dates, speaking engagements, job interviews, photo shoots), but also has longer lasting effects.

Radio frequencies are wavelengths of energy that reach to deeper layers of skin without damaging the top layers.  It is warm but comfortable, and feels like a hot stone massage.  Most people have no after effects or downtime; a few may have some mild redness for a few hours.

Who is helped by radiofrequency? 

Clients with loss of firmness, sagging contours, dullness, fine lines can be helped by radio frequency.  

Radio-frequency is helpful for mild to moderate sagging and loose skin in the areas of neck and jawline, but body treatments for belly, underarms, and inner thighs are effective, too.

Since the neck area is quite difficult to treat because of the anatomical structure, Radio-frequency is one of the few things that can help.

Smile lines also diminish as the skin on the cheeks tightens.


  • boosts collagen and elastin production
  • increases skin thickness
  • diminishes the look of pores
  • provides a radiant glow

How many Radio-frequency facials do I need?

Clients can see a noticeable improvement with one Radio frequency Facial because it tightens the collagen fibers and keeps promoting collagen.  The treatment should be repeated - some can add to their monthly facial, but a series with maintenance is the best protocol for longer lasting, tighter effects.

Book "Advanced Lift for Face and Neck" to get started with tightening and contouring your face and neck.


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