What is a Radiofrequency Facial?

What is a Radiofrequency Facial?

Radiofrequency Facial Benefits | Skin Tightening

What is a Radiofrequency Facial?

Radiofrequency is a non-invasive, safe method of skin tightening that produces instant results in your facial.  

Radio frequencies are wavelengths of energy that reach into deeper layers of skin without damaging the top layers.  As it penetrates the skin, radiofrequency energy contracts the skin and makes it tighter.

Can I have a radiofrequency facial?

Most people can have a radiofrequency facial.  There is an analysis of your health and skin care history to determine if you're a good candidate for radiofrequency.  Then a thorough skin analysis is done under bright light and magnification to check for any other issues that may prevent you from receiving a radiofrequency facial.  If you have metal implants near the face or neck, pacemaker, are sensitive to heat, are pregnant, radiofrequency should not be used.

Is the neck included in radiofrequency facials?

After a cleanse, a lightweight lubricant is applied to the areas to be treated, whether that is full face or includes the neck.  I prefer to include the neck since it is an area where many women want help to tighten and firm the skin.

What does a radiofrequency facial feel like?

The machine's handpiece has smooth heads attached that transmit the radiofrequency energy.  The handpiece is used to massage the face and neck.  It feels warm, yet comfortable, much like a hot stone massage. 

As the skin starts to warm, it reddens as the circulation is stimulated, which helps with collagen nourishment and production.  The therapist decides how long to work on each area, and watches for tightening, all the time checking with the client about their comfort.

When the radiofrequency facial is completed. the client feels tighter skin that is warm and hydrated.  Other modalities can be applied during the facial depending on what other issues are being addressed.  A sunscreen is applied to finish the session.  Most clients have no after effects or downtime; a few may have some mild redness for a few hours.   

How many Radio-frequency facials do I need?

Clients can see a noticeable improvement in skin tightness and firmness with just one Radiofrequency Facial because it tightens the collagen fibers and keeps promoting collagen. 

However, for best and longer lasting results, the treatment should be repeated.  Depending on the client's age and skin condition, the therapist can make a recommendation on how often to have radiofrequency.  Some clients can add radiofrequency to their monthly facial successfully if their skin is in good condition and proper home care is done.  Others need more help, and a series of radiofrequency treatments is done, usually without the full facial.  After the client finishes the radiofrequncy series, they continue with monthly maintenance sessions.  This the best protocol for longer lasting, tighter effects.

Who is helped by radiofrequency? 

If your skin has lost firmness, has sagging contours, dullness, fine lines and large pores, radiofrequency can be help. 

Celebrities who love the effects of radiofrequency facials include Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham are some of the well know celebrities that rely on this facial regularly to keep their skin looking lifted because it firms her contours, tightens her skin and smooths out fine lines.  Hollywood overall is relying less on surgeries and more on non-invasive, no downtime technologies that work.

Radio-frequency facials are helpful for mild to moderate sagging and loose skin in the areas of cheeks, jowls, neck and jawline, but body treatments for belly, underarms, and inner thighs are effective, too.  Those with large pores notice their pores look smaller after the radiofrequency facials.

The neck area is quite difficult to treat because of its anatomical structure, loss of collagen, and lack of care by many.   Radiofrequency is one of the few things that can help tighten this lax skin.

Smile lines also diminish as the skin on the cheeks tighten.  

Do you use contouring makeup?  Radiofrequency facials give you the contour without the makeup.

Radio-frequency is a great choice for a pre-event facial (think weddings, special dates, speaking engagements, job interviews, photo shoots), but also has longer lasting effects.

Radiofrequency for body has the same tightening effects, and is useful for after weight loss to tighten skin that has now been stretched.

Key Benefits of Radiofrequency Facials

Radio-frequency can;

  • tighten skin at deeper levels than just the surface
  • boost collagen and elastin production
  • increase skin thickness through stimulation of collagen
  • diminish the look of pores
  • provide a radiant glow
  • works for face, neck and body

How to Get Started

Book the Geneo+ CO2 Micro-Peel Facial which includes Radiofrequency, or the Energizing Face and Neck Lift with a Radiofrequency Addon.  After your facial, we'll discuss series options for continuing treatments.  Have questions? Contact us 


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