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Why I do this work I love

I get how you feel when you are struggling with your skin.

Confidence shaken.  I’ve been there. 

Covered with acne as a teen; red peeling stripes each side of my nose when I was in my 30’s; and wrinkles at age 50, just as things were going well in my 40’s!  Yet clients think I have beautiful skin (see pic above).  All these conditions were more complicated than putting on a cream; and I wanted to avoid toxic chemicals, drugs, injections, and burning.  I had to look deeper.


We need a holistic approach

Many factors affect the state of your skin - stress, physcial and emotional trauma, hormone imbalance, choices in nutrition, current and past illnesses, medications and supplements, daily environment, and more.   You've probably experienced this when you used a "magic" skin care product or treatment and the skin problem came back after a few weeks or months. 

Determining which factors are causing the problem and developing your customized plan is crucial to success.  My process includes;

  • the holistic consultation and goal setting
  • determining a custom service for you, with choices ranging from advanced facial massage, corrective facial exercises or face yoga, nutrient dense skin care, and non-invasive technology (micro-current, light therapies, radiofrequency and more)
  • documenting progress, troubleshooting problems and strategizing for success
  • a written home care plan addressing the factors we identified in your consultation.


Your needs matter.

You can rely on genuine expertise and caring - advanced, up-to-date education, 30+ years of experience as a facialist, massage therapist and educator, finely tuned intuitive skills and a true desire to help women have made me an in-demand skin care problem solver. 

As you start to see relationships between your skin and lifestyle choices, health challenges, environment and emotional states, and follow the step by step plan, you’ll see the changes and feel empowered to create a lifetime of naturally beautiful skin.


The Experience

Calm Beauty Brooklyn is a serene, private women-only skin care studio is tucked away in a restored historic Brooklyn brownstone. 

You’ll leave the outside world behind - soothing music, the uplifting scents, exotic teas, comfy spa robe and slippers.  There’s an impressive array of innovative products and state of the art aesthetic devices surrounding a plush treatment bed, where you’ll snuggle in and experience nurturing care for your skin and spirit.

I’m excited to share my knowledge, develop a plan with you to achieve your skin care goals, coach you calmly through the changes, and celebrate with you as we watch your skin bloom.


How to begin

See our Appointment Policies to answer all your questions.

Services are for women only.  Upon booking, you'll be emailed a confirmation with a link to your New Client Form.  The form must be completed before arrival.



Meet your aesthetician Joanna Tringali

  • Specialities: Face Lifting Massage | Korean Beauty | Face Yoga
  • Passions: My Husband | Rescue Pets | World Cuisines | Long, Meditative Walks
  • Should do more of: Yoga | Vacation | Massages for me!


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