Authentic Korean Beauty Treatments

Korean Beauty Facial Treatment SculPLLA V Line OxyJet

Korean Beauty, or K-Beauty, is a strong influence on beauty trends today. 

I've taken authentic K-Beauty treatments imported directly from South Korea and adapted them to fit Calm's healthy non-invasive approach to addressing your beauty challenges.

One treatment provides benefits but for best results, a weekly series is recommended.  Series pricing is available; the number of sessions is determined by the condition of your skin and suitability of your home care.

New!  Korean Aqua Peeling, Hydrogen Infusion and Galvanic Lift

The #1 facial treatment in Korea now!  This multi-function machine is an advanced form of the popular US Hydra Facial, but the addition of galvanic and hydrogen makes it truly a skin care powerhouse.  Skin is renewed after even one treatment - brighter, tighter, deeply hydrated.  The machine extracts blackheads and whiteheads gently using smart suction technology which means its virtually pain-free.  It's currently included in the Integrative Holistic Facial called "Revitalize".  Read more about Aqua Peeling

Ultra Sculpt Filler Treatment

As seen in Harper's Bazaar

Features SculPLLA H2, an anti-aging treatment using the same ingredients as a popular injectable filler.  Topical application of SculPLLA H2 along with proper techniques and good home care work to "fill" wrinkles from the surface.  One treatment lasts up to a month, a series of 3 can last up to 5 months.  No needles!  

Includes Korean double cleanse, ultrasonic exfoliation, targeted micro-current, SculPLLA application and mask, LED treatment.  Extractions cannot be done (schedule extraction facials at least 5 days before).  There are specific pre- and post-treatment protocols that must be followed, so contact me for details at least a week in advance of your appointment.  75 minutes, $225.


Colloidal Gold Collagen Thread Lift

Flaccid jowls, naso-labial folds, double chins?  Droopy, hooded eyelids?  Firm up with this popular Korean treatment that focuses on improving the "V Line" or anywhere firming of skin is needed.  No surgery, no pain.  

Based on the PDO Threadlift Facial Rejuvenation done by plastic surgeons, made famous by Gweneth Paltrow. This treatment combines PDO thread collagen components that are more readily absorbed with colloidal gold.  One treatment lasts up to 3 weeks, a series of 5 can last up to 3 months.  Includes facial with optional extractions plus Micro-current, and hand massage.  75 minutes, $225.


Oxygen Bubble Bright Skin Facial 

Brighten skin tone with this bubbly, warming, oxygen treatment.  Helps by modifying melanin production for all types of hyper-pigmentation including discolored acne scars, sun damage and melasma.  Includes full facial, optional extractions, plus RevitaPen nano-infusion and neck, shoulder and hand massage.  Best done as a weekly series.  75 minutes, $225.