Buccal Massage and Facial Sculptural Lifting

Buccal Massage and Sculptural Lifting Facial Massage

Buccal Massage with Facial Sculptural Lifting

Painless, deeply relaxing and healthful alternative to surgical facelifts and injections, used by beauty editors and celebrities in the know to lift cheeks, slim the jawline, firm a double chin, tone the neck, de-puff eyes, release wrinkles and provide that “lit from within” glow. 

Buccal Massage with Facial Sculpting starts with lymphatic drainage, then focuses on muscles of facial expression both inside and outside of the mouth.  A series of this work promotes cumulative, long lasting results by;

  • Re-education and toning through specific manipulation of facial muscles. 
  • Movement of stagnant lymph and blood flow that can contribute to congestion, dullness, breakouts, unbalanced oiliness or dryness
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin

 This treatment is done by hand for best results - no machines or tools, as skilled hands have the distinct advantage of determining if the muscles have fully released.  My version includes Buccal Massage (intra-oral), Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder Method), Sculptural Lifting Massage and Myofascial Release Techniques, plus healing organic masks, serums and balms; scalp, neck and decollete are included as well. Buccal Massage is an intraoral technique and will be performed with non-latex gloves.  75 minutes, $275

I am trained and certified by Yakov Gershkovich in Sculptural Lifting and Buccal Massage,  by John Barnes DPT in Myofascial Release, Anne Bramham in Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage, and am a NYS licensed massage therapist and an esthetician.  My extensive training and 25+ year experience in massage therapy creates a safe yet profoundly effective treatment for you.


* Do not have this treatment if you have recently had Botox, fillers, facial or neck surgery, are pregnant, undergoing cancer treatments, experience TMJ dysfunction, suffer from an acute face, neck or scalp injury, infectious disease, active herpes/cold sores, acute dental issues, uncontrolled thyroid disease, lymphatic system infections or blockages, or epilepsy; take medications or herbs that thin blood/cause skin to easily bruise.

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