Buccal Massage and Facial Sculptural Lifting

Buccal Massage and Sculptural Lifting Facial Massage

Buccal facial massage is a favorite of J-Lo, Keira Knightly, Meghan Markle, and is touted by beauty editors world wide.

What are the benefits of Buccal Massage?

Buccal massage is a painless, deeply relaxing and safe alternative to surgical facelifts and injections.

  • slims and contours the jawline
  • lifts and plumps the cheeks
  • firms a double chin
  • tones the neck
  • de-puffs eyes
  • releases wrinkles - marionette lines, neck lines, jawline
  • provides an incredible glow

Buccal Massage starts with lymphatic drainage, myofascial release for muscles of unwanted facial expressions, then focuses on sculpting and toning muscles.  The work includes Buccal Massage, which is performed inside of the mouth using non-latex gloves. 

A series of this work promotes cumulative, long lasting results by;

  • Re-education and toning through specific manipulation of facial muscles. 
  • Movement of stagnant lymph and blood flow that can contribute to congestion, dullness, breakouts, unbalanced oiliness or dryness
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin

This treatment is done mainly by hand, as skilled hands have the distinct advantage of determining if the muscles have fully released.  Gua sha or micro-current is sometimes included based on your needs.

Credentials and Experience

I'm a NYS licensed esthetician and massage therapist with 30+ years of experience with many advanced certifications including Yakov Gershkovich, John Barnes, Anne Bramham, Dr. Ping Zhang, and more.