Face Yoga and Corrective Exercise


Face Yoga Calm Beauty Brooklyn Joanna Tringali

Facial exercises like face yoga and corrective exercises are a necessary part of caring for your skin. 

This is because your skin is not just what you see on the surface.

Touch your skin.  You'll feel below the surface of your skin a complex network of muscles, bones, connective tissue, circulatory vessels.  These do more to influence your skin's appearance than you think.

For better skin and the overall look of your face, you'll want to address;

  • Facial Muscles - a key component to providing shape to your face and movement to your features.  Any weakness or chronic tension in facial muscles can cause flattening of cheeks, uneven smile, sagging of jawline and neck, drooping eye lids, and pain.
  • Facial Connective Tissue - the foundation on which your skin sits, and includes fascia, ligaments and fat.  These components are all needed to create face shape, aid in movement and provide protection to your skin and skull.  Tension in fascia or injury to ligaments and tendons can cause pain and distortion of movement and position.  Fat displacement or loss can create dryness, unevenness of features, sagging and wrinkles.
  • Circulatory vessels - deliver nutrients your skin needs and carry away wastes that cause dullness of complexion, breakouts and signs of aging.


Calm Beauty Face Yoga

Face Yoga Daily Glow Workshop - July 15, 2023 SOLD OUT 

In-person face yoga workshop to learn face yoga exercises for your own daily practice. We'll cover forehead, eye area, mouth, cheeks, jawline and neck in a 2.5 hour workshop. Workshop is limited to 6 participants to ensure personal attention. $147.   SOLD OUT, stay tuned for next date!

Face Yoga Tension Relief Workout

Your choice of in-person or via Zoom. This private Face Yoga class includes exercises and breathwork to help you improve your facial contours and skin quality by releasing tension in your face and neck, while improving posture.  You'll experience a deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation for your face, body and mind.  60 minutes, $197.  Book here