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Face Yoga Daily Glow Workshop

Face Yoga Daily Glow Workshop

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Struggling with your skin?  You’ve tried the best skincare but are still seeing;

- lack of firmness of your cheeks, jawline and neck

- deepening lines between your brows and “smile lines”

- crow’s feet, dark circles and eye bags

- thinning lips

- dullness, texture, lack of vitality

If your skin is lacking a firm, smooth and bright appearance, and you're seeing deepening lines between your brows, sides of your mouth and front of your neck, and you’re not ready or willing to have injections or go under the knife, and creams aren't working for you, then how are you going to get the more radiant, firm skin you desire?

I’m seeing far too many smart, accomplished, savvy women who are feeling frustrated and lacking confidence about how they look, and who have been rightly hesitant about going for injections or surgery, who keep looking for the magic cream that once and for all solved the issue.

Here’s the bad news.  There is no magic potion.  Like everything else you’ve done in your life, taking smart, calculated action, and consistently acting on the plan is the way.

But what is the smartest plan?  What actually works?  How do I find this?

I've spent over 30 years professionally toning and sculpting facial muscles for my clients, but they needed something to help them build on the results while not in my studio - something they could do anywhere, anytime.  I've developed this program to help you know what to do, when to do it, how it works, how to fit it into your busy life.

Daily Glow is an in-person face yoga workshop to learn face yoga exercises that will firm and brighten your skin by toning the foundational muscles of your face and neck, and stimulate the circulation of essential fluids within your skin. 

We'll cover the best conditioning face yoga  exercises that tone the  muscles of your forehead, eye area, mouth, cheeks, jawline and neck that you can easily do at home to work on your skin's foundation, the muscles.  Just like you exercise your body a few times a week, your face needs this attention, too. 

Proper form is essential, so this in-person workshop is limited to 6 women so you get the individual attention you need to learn the correct form. 

Workshop Policies:

Cancellations, Changes, Rescheduling and Refunds:  There are no refunds unless cancellation, change or rescheduling requests are submitted by email at least 3 days before the workshop is scheduled to begin.  

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