Facials and Skincare for Cancer Patients - Oncology Esthetics

spa facial skin care for cancer patients - oncology esthetics

Experiencing cancer is life changing.  Many patients find themselves overwhelmed; others suffer discomfort from pain, skin dehydration, body image issues, sleep disruption or anxiety.  Skin care performed by a qualified, trained esthetician can help you cope with cancer, its treatments and side effects.

Joanna Sechuck-Tringali is a New York licensed massage and skin care therapist with over 25 years of experience in the spa field as both an educator and practitioner.  She is a one of only two Certified Oncology Estheticians in all of New York City certified by Morag Currin's Touch for Cancer Program.  Joanna holds certifications in the Vodder Method of Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Reflexology, both of which can be helpful for cancer patients.  She provides safe, effective and comforting skin care services to women who are undergoing cancer treatments or are cancer survivors who have complications that require specialized techniques.  

Treatments are given at her private spa studio, a warm, inviting space where she works with one client at a time.  Strict sanitary protocols are observed for your protection and comfort.


These services are for women only. For a full list of policies, click on Appointments and Policies

Your visit will include a thorough consultation and evaluation of your condition and treatments so that your session is custom-tailored to your needs.  When scheduling, you'll receive access to an online intake form.  This will detail your individualized medical treatment so the spa treatment can be adjusted as needed.

When scheduling, select "Help Me Choose" and be sure to complete the New Client Form contained in the confirmation email at least a week before visiting, as certain situations may require your doctor's approval.