Gua Sha Facial Massage

gua sha facial massage brooklyn
Gua Sha Facial Massage is one of my favorite techniques.  As a facialist and massage therapist, I appreciate its results and versatility, from beauty to pain relief applications;
  • TMJ pain
  • headaches (can be used warm for tension headaches and cold for sinus headaches)
  • lifts and tones facial muscles to create a firm jawline and defined cheekbones
  • firms skin which is helpful for sagging neck and hooded lids
  • detoxifies skin to help lessen acne breakouts and severity
  • balances hormones to relieve symptoms of hormonal acne
  • reduces redness and symptoms of rosacea by moving stagnant fluids and bringing nutrition to affected areas
  • rests chronic tension patterns that cause wrinkles
  • its exfoliating properties and ability to bring nutrition from blood helps sun damage and dark spots

Its supremely relaxing, allowing the nervous system to go into its healing mode easily and deeply.  

Certification and Training:

My in-person certification training was with Dr. Ping Zhang, a renowned acupuncturist, author and teacher.  I exclusively use her patented jade stone "board" that has 9 unique sides to address specific areas of the face elegantly and efficiently.  Only the highest quality jade, polished to perfect smoothness, will touch your face.

Your Session
We begin with a cleansing and warm towels to prepare your skin for the gua sha.  I may use the jade stone warmed or cooled, depending on your condition.  The work begins with opening the pathways from the neck and face, then proceeds to specific work in areas of the face needing relief.  The pressure is mostly firm, sometimes light, depending on whether energy needs bolstering or taming; and how muscles and nerves are responding.

Can I do gua sha at home? 

Yes!  Gua Sha facial massage encourages healthy, glowing skin.  Performing gua sha daily boosts your home care regimen and is a great way to boost the results you get from your monthly professional facial.

Most facial gua sha teachers of consumers will teach you a shorter, lighter gua sha which is different from what you receive professionally, but it will still provide you with great benefits when done daily.


Conditions that respond beautifully to gua sha facial massage:

Acne:  Clients report fewer breakouts, less cystic breakouts, and shorter healing time.  This is because gua sha strategically opens pathways in the face and neck to relieve the stagnation of lymph. 

Lymph's job is to clean the skin and body.  When it is sluggish, bacteria and debris collects causing pimples and cysts.  Lymph does not have a way to be pumped through the lymph channels other than by muscle contraction.  If facial muscles are chronically tense, lymph has difficulty moving through and cleaning the system.

Sagging lids and jawline:  Gua sha is a natural skin tightener, creating more defined jawlines and ridding the "hooded lid" look.  It also helps tone the muscles that support these structures.

Wrinkles:  Gua Sha breaks down chronic tension patterns and creates relaxed muscles.  The awareness you obtain from this simple massage will keep you from unnecessary frowning, squinting and grimacing.  These repeated patterns form creases deep within the skin and prevent proper blood flow through those areas.

Gua Sha Facial Massage Brooklyn