Microcurrent Face Lift Facial

Microcurrent facial at Calm Beauty Brooklyn NYC

Why Micro-Current Facials?

The body functions by a continuous series of electro-magnetic signals that flows from the nervous system.  From a skin care perspective, the nervous system controls the muscles.  So if your face is experiencing;
- aging (sagging muscles, lack of tone, altered texture, sallow color)
- congestion (common in acne and rosacea)
then the electrical impulses are not functioning as effectively.  This happens with aging, hormone imbalances, trauma and disease processes.

Microcurrent Facials Using the Blue Onyx Device
​Micro-current technology has been around for many years.  In its basic form, it tones muscles in the face and neck to give a firmer, lifted look to skin.  However, I use a more advanced form to not only tighten facial muscles but to tighten the skin above the muscles and move lymphatic fluids toward their elimination points.

My technology of choice is the Blue Onyx by TAMA Research, which exclusively uses the Shambayati Multi-Mode Waveform.  This is an intelligent technological advance in micro-current that measures each person's unique tissue composition and adapts the stimulation parameters to account for differences not only between faces but between varying sections of the face (ie., the skin on your lower cheek may be thicker than the top of the cheek, forehead skin is generally thinner, etc.).  

This Multi-Mode Waveform Technology ensures a customized treatment for your needs, rather than a generalized current for all parts of your face.

How does micro-current benefit my skin?
The Blue Onyx Micro-current device is designed to;
- tighten facial muscles -  think "face lift without surgery"; conditions muscles to gently release long held creasing patterns like brow furrows; tones muscles to sculpt the jawline, lift sagging eyes and brows, tone the cheeks to help decrease "smile lines".
- clear congestion of lymphatic fluids - great for healing acne
- stimulate healing of tissues - gentle healing for integrity of blood vessels as in rosacea

Does microcurrent hurt?
Micro-current is a non-invasive technology that uses a low level electrical impulse that is barely perceptible.  The Blue Onyx micro-current device is completely adjustable, and we'll work together to find that perfect level that gets results and still feels gentle.  Most of my micro-current clients actually fall asleep because of the healing effects of the current.

Is this a separate treatment or part of a full facial?
You can choose to have micro-current as part of your regular facial, or as a series of stand-alone micro-current treatments.  The Multi-Mode Waveform Micro-current is great for healing acne and rosacea in addition to providing a firm, lifted look to skin.  Sensitive skin clients love the healing effect it has after extractions, peels or other stimulating skin care treatments to calm redness quickly.

How soon will I see results?  
Most clients see a lift immediately that lasts for 4 - 5 days.  For more lasting results, I suggest starting with a series of 6 - 12 treatments, 1-2 per week (depending on age, lifestyle, condition of skin, home care, etc.), then progressing to maintenance treatments every 3 - 4 weeks.

Can I have micro-current treatments if I have certain medical conditions?
People who cannot use micro-current include those who;
- are pregnant
- have active cancer.  Post cancer treatment, I'll need your doctor's written approval.
- have an electrical implant like a hearing aide or pacemaker
- suffer from migraines or seizures

If you've had Botox or fillers, we'll need to wait one month to avoid moving the toxin or filler to an unintended place.

These services are for women only.  For a full list of policies, click on Appointments and Policies