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Organic Peels

Organic Peels

What is a Peel?

Peels, also known as chemical peels, are esthetic procedures that renew the skin's surface.  The word "chemical" refers to how it interacts with the skin.  Although "peel" sounds like sheets of skin will fall from your face, it is not the case.  A peel is a type of exfoliant that does not use particles, but a chemical reaction when applied to skin.  This reaction causes the swelling and bursting of dead skin cells, or in the case of some peels, the dissolving of dead skin proteins.

What will a peel do for my skin?

There are different types of peels, but in general, they will leave your skin feeling smooth and looking refreshed, brighter and more hydrated.

Peels can be used to help acne, dark spots leftover from acne, sun damage, fine lines, overall brightening and texture problems.  Peels will not do much for deep wrinkles or melasma.

Calm's approach

I will evaluate your health and skin history and determine if you're a candidate for a peel, since peels are not for everyone.  Based on your desired outcome, I'll explain your options and what you can expect before, during and after.  Most chronic conditions will need a series of peels, usually a week apart.

Does a peel treatment include extractions?

Sometimes, but there are considerations.  Some types of peels make it more difficult to remove debris from pores, so either extractions are not done, done before the peel, or are done at a separate visit.

Does a peel hurt?

Esthetic Peels typically aren't painful but there are sensations that range from mild tingling to stinging, heat and itching.  Peels don't stay on for long, and I'll never leave you with a peel on unsupervised.  We'll talk about your comfort level and I'll remove and neutralize it immediately if you don't want to keep it on for the recommended length of time.  These sensations are because the peel is working through the layers of skin to exfoliate more deeply.  Most people are fine for the few minutes a peel remains on their skin, but your comfort is my priority.

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