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Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 40

Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 40

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Broad Spectrum SPF 40 All Mineral Sunscreen with Natural Hydroquinone Alternative for Hyperpigmentation


Zinc Oxide: natural mineral that blocks UV rays to protect skin from sun damage; anti-inflammatory

Natural Hydroquinone Alternative (African Potato, Tara Tree): aids in fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation while boosting collagen for a smooth, even complexion

Swiss Alpine Plant Extracts: mixture of seven plant extracts; naturally brightens the skin and fades intensity of dark spots by inhibiting tyrosinase activity

Licorice Root: anti-inflammatory; healing and addresses hyperpigmentation

Bearberry Extract: antioxidant; addresses hyperpigmentation and fights free radicals

Stone Crop: anti-inflammatory; regenerative; evens out uneven skin tones; moisturizes and heals

RESULTS: • Skin is protected against damaging effects of sun exposure • Dark spots and hyperpigmentation are faded • Prevents skin from developing future hyperpigmentation • Overall complexion is bright and even

APPLICATION: Apply liberally and evenly on cleansed skin, 15 minutes before sun exposure. For adequate coverage and lightweight finish, apply gradually starting with a small amount of product, ensuring it is completely absorbed before adding more to build coverage. For additional hydration, layer the SPF on top of another moisturizer after it is fully absorbed into skin.

2 oz.

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