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ISOV Azulene Care Mist

ISOV Azulene Care Mist

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Azulene Care Mist is a delicate mist with soothing herbs, and is quickly absorbed by the skin, adding moisture and calming redness and irritated. 

Contains Guaiazulene, also known as azulene, an extract from chamomile flowers, which calms sensitive skin, strengthens skin barrier, adds a layer of protection to the skin.  Has antibacterial, anti-Inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Also contains;

Hamamelis Virginiana Extract - calms skin irritation, natural plant astringent.

Xylitol - Moisturizes the skin and inhibits inflammation, cooling effect that soothes the skin.

Inula Britannica Flower Extract - Improves skin tone, inhibits melanin products, Isov patent ingredient.

Allantoin - Soothes Dry Skin and wound healing properties, replenishes skin moisture.

Directions: After Cleansing - spray a fine mist 20cm away from face then pat into skin.


Use instead of toner

Use before applying makeup

Use as a makeup setting spray

Use throughout the day to rehydrate skin

Use after LED light therapy

May use on other body parts

Great post sun exposure


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