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ISOV Ethosome DDS Astaxanthin Booster

ISOV Ethosome DDS Astaxanthin Booster

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A powerful booster ampoule that encapsulates the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin and active ingredients in the stable, high density Ethosome dosage form. Regenerates and protects damage skin.

This booster ampoule contains the highest content of Astaxanthin, widely found in marine organisms called "Haematoccus Pluvialis" which is the most powerful antioxidant in nature. Studies have shown that its antioxidant capacity is:

- 6,000 times that of vitamin C.

- 800 times that of coenzyme (Co110).

- 550 times that of vitamin E.

- 54 times that of vitamin B.

- and 36 times that of beta-carotene.

Ethosome DDS Astaxanrhin Booster has a dermal delivery system (DDS) that passes through 0.1mm of skin.

5 ml x 5 each

- Suitable for all skin types.
- Removes free radicals.
- Prevents photo- aging and UV damage.
- Improves skin elasticity and wrinkles.
- Increases skin moisture levels.
- Strengthens the immune system and activates cell regeneration.
- Calms sensitive skin and redness.

After cleansing and exfoliating the skin , apply appropriate amount of serum in sections to the face and use your infusion device to penetrate deeply into the skin.

After level 1 & 2 chemical peels and Princess Peel: Apply an even amount to treatment area. Allow to penetrate 5 minutes. Apply finishing products.

This product forms a regenerative protective film on the skin post procedure.

*May be used as an at home ampoule.*

- Astaxanthin
- Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract
- Niacinamide
- Hyaluronic Acid

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