Bridal Beauty 2019 - New York City brides want a more natural look

Bridal Beauty 2019 - New York City brides want a more natural look

Bridal beauty NYC

Calm is buzzing with brides this time of year.  Its my job to help you feel good and look your best for this most special of days.

Modern brides tell me they want a natural "no-makeup" look so they look like themselves in pictures.  Gone are the days of overdone injections and piles of makeup.

This requires skin and underlying muscles to be in shape.  Here's the protocol which works for any big event (or good skin in general, you don't need an occasion for this);

Cleaning and Correcting.  We start months in advance with regular deep pore cleaning and corrective facials - spots, scars, uneven tone, blemishes are gently lifted to the surface and exfoliated while being healed below with cocktails of vitamin serums and light therapies.

Lift and Tone.  Then begins deep muscle work with a series of Buccal Massage with Scupltural Lifting to accentuate cheekbones, firm jawlines, depuff eye area, and tighten necks.  Added bonus - amazing glow from the enhanced circulation which cleans skin from the inside.

Feeling good = looking good.  It's too difficult to look good if you're stressed and tired.  The week of the wedding is all about hiding away in the Calm studio for some quiet time and soothing beauty treatments.  An oxygen facial, hydrating and brightening Korean mask and relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage create that dewy, lit-from-within glow.  Some add-on a Dermaplaning so their skin is super smooth and hairless.

Other Considerations.  The Back Facial, which includes back of arms, is a must for dresses with revealing backs, or honeymoons at the beach.

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